Application Process

1. For payment info, please see below:

  • 中国大陆地区付款信息
  • 1800元测试费用请转账至 中国建设银行上海赵巷支行 3100 1900 5110 5002 0212 阅林商务服务(上海)有限公司


2. Please e-mail us a list of English books the student has read over the last 1-2 years. In addition, please include the following basic information in this e-mail: Student Name (both Chinese & English), Student Date of Birth (DOB), Present School, Current Grade, and School Year Applying For.

3. If the student’s list includes at least 3 books from AELAP English Reading List of the appropriate level, we will arrange an assessment immediately. Otherwise, we will provide a recommended list of 5 books from the AELAP English Reading List. Then, the student needs to pick 3 books and let us know the names of the 3 books within one week. Once the student has picked the 3 books, he/she needs to complete an assessment within 8 weeks.

4. Please provide the following info at least 5 days prior to the assessment date. All materials will need to be clearly scanned or photocopied. Please email to with the subject as "[Student Full Name]'s materials":

  • 4-a. 6 pages of the English materials the student is using either in school or out of school.
  • 4-b. The student's 2-3 most recent writing samples, including the drafts leading up to the final version.
  • 4-c. If applicable, the student's most recent English assessment report. English assessment reports include, but are not limited to, TOEFL, TOEFL Junior, AR/GEL Level, and MAP.