History of AELAP

The Advanced English Literacy Assessment Program (AELAP) was originally conceived by educators at Eaglebrook School as a supplementary tool to assess English literacy. The assessment takes into account indicators of proficiency that are disregarded by standardized tests used in junior and high school admissions offices in the English speaking countries.

After a highly successful trial run during the school’s summer program in 2016, the Board of Trustees sanctioned the creation of a grander project: a multi-level English assessment program measuring both English fluency and understanding of age-appropriate literature. It will provide invaluable insight for non-native English speakers between the ages 9 to 16 years old aspiring to study in the English speaking countries. Moreover, educators and admissions officers can use AELAP’s proprietary results to reliably assess a student’s communication ability, reading comprehension level, and essay writing skills.

Since then, Eaglebrook School has established The Pine Nook Education Group, which is comprised of a number of leading private schools in the United States, to manage and operate AELAP.