Why Accept AELAP

AELAP can find the perfect fit and relieve the pressure on admission offices

A recent trend shows that international students who look great on paper are unable to adapt to a native English learning environment due to poor communication skills and a lack of exposure to American reading curriculum.

In addition, the number of applicants to US junior & high schools has rapidly ascended over the last three years. Given that applicant numbers will continue to grow, this has put greater pressure on admissions offices at institutions. The increase in competition has led to restrictions on applicants, causing exceptional students to be overlooked due to misrepresentations of their English language proficiency.


AELAP can find the perfect fit

AELAP can pinpoint an international applicant’s command over language and understanding of literature. Our methodology can accurately assess an applicant’s ability through its multi-faceted approach, avoiding overlooking truly exceptional students.


AELAP can relieve pressure on admission offices

Through scientific and reliable assessments, AELAP can help provide more convenient, scientific, and reliable assistance in the admissions process.