Why Choose AELAP

1. Provide a comprehensive educational service to gauge your student’s English learning trajectory more accurately

Whether it is the AELAP assessment or the standard grading of "AELAP English Reading List", both are seamlessly connected to the proficiency of native English speaking students in the same age group.

Therefore, through the AELAP assessment, non-native English speakers can accurately assess their English language and literature proficiency.

The accuracy of this assessment comes from:
  • We will provide a detailed and structured report on the student’s English comprehension level
  • Students who take the AELAP assessment will get insight into their English language proficiency and understanding of literature in a way that aligns with native English speakers


2. A stronger application for junior & high schools in the English speaking countries

AELAP is the only comprehensive evaluation of candidates for English language proficiency and literature knowledge.

It can help students to better position themselves when applying to junior and high schools in the English speaking countries.


3. To better integrate into a native English language environment

To prepare for the AELAP assessment, students have to read a number of English books primarily written by American Authors. This will lead non-native English speakers to rapidly improve their English language proficiency, reading comprehension, and their understanding of humanities.

It will help students to better integrate themselves into the local learning environment.