What is AELAP

AELAP is a multi-level English assessment program aimed at non-native speakers from ages 9 to 16, who aspires to study in the English speaking countries.

The assessment comes in the form of a data-driven and comprehensively structured "AELAP English Reading List" that is updated and made public on May 1st every year.

Each level of the program follows a similar assessment format based on listening, speaking, reading, and writing. It can accurately assess students’ reading comprehension ability, logical reasoning capacity, presentation skills, and cumulative understanding of English literature.

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Why Choose AELAP?

  • Provide a comprehensive educational service to gauge your student’s English learning trajectory more accurately
  • A stronger application for junior & high schools in the English speaking countries.
  • To better integrate into the native English language environment

New Dimensions

An innovative program centered on literature and language skill development

  • Based on a data-driven and comprehensively structured “reading list”, AELAP can provide non-native speakers a thorough assessment of English language skills and English literature knowledge
  • Our assessment program gives students and schools a glimpse into knowledge of literature, which is often overlooked during the admissions process

Many schools have formed different partnerships with us. To name a few: